Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kerry and Frank are getting married!!! The wedding will be held at Glacier National Park on August 11, 2012. We are very excited about it. We've invited the family and a few friends but I think it will probably be Pat and me, Franks parents and Kerry's friends. It's a very expensive trip and most people don't have money to get out there. Pat and I are going to camp for a few days and will be staying at Glacier Guides Lodge for the night before and the night of the wedding. That way Kerry will have a place to get dressed and fix her hair and make up. OMG!! What am I going to wear? LOL

Pat and I have decided to take a 2 week road trip out to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and The Grand Tetons. This is the trip that Kerry and I did last summer and it was fabulous. I really want Pat to be able to share it with me. We will be camping for most of the trip which should be pretty crazy. We haven't taken a trip alone in in more than 25 years so now is the time and it is going to be the best trip ever.

Here are a few pictures that we took when Kerry and I went to Glacier last summer. It's an amazing place. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

As Featured In Globe Magazine

So here is the story. I'm pretty thrilled about it. I wrote to Richard and sent him a copy of the story and he wrote me back right away. He is very proud of me. I'm pretty proud of myself. :)

I can't help but wonder what the universe has in store for me now.

Monday, January 2, 2012

I'm Going To Be In Globe Magazine!!!!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a writer from Globe Magazine asking me if I would be interested in having my weight loss story featured in the weight loss issue of their magazine. I was totally shocked and was very curious about how they had heard about me. It turns out that they found me through the Yoga Source. The writer, Lynn, is a friend of Pam Leal who is a flow teacher at The Source. Lynn picked up on of the flyers about the "Just My Size" yoga class and contacted me about my story. I just got an email from Lynn saying that my issue of Globe will hit the stands on Wednesday. Wow!

I really am very excited about being featured as a weight loss success story but also as a yoga teacher. I am very proud of my new teaching career which has really taken off recently. I am teaching 2 group classes and privates in my home studio, 2 classes at Eagle Trace County Club and 2 classes at The Yoga Source. I also sub whenever I am called upon which is fairly often. I have students that come every week and sometimes twice a week. I feel very good about helping people to become more mindful and grounded.

A long time ago Richard Simmons called me and asked me if he could show my before and after pictures and call me from the QVC studios. The next thing I knew I was on QVC talking to Richard. Many years later I was featured as a success story on Richard's website. Not long after that I found myself at Slimmons in front of a large group of people telling them how I was able to lose my weight in "Meet The Pros". That was about 6 years ago and things have been pretty quiet on the weight loss front. Now, I will be featured in a national magazine. I wonder what will happen from it. Yeah, I am excited. :)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coming Up On Another New Year

Boy, they sure are going fast. The years, I mean. Here I am, thinking about resolutions, changes and goals for the upcoming new year. I don't really know where to begin. Yoga says that we should set intentions and not goals. I always have lots of intentions. They are always the same.

I intend to get a grip on my food. Yes, I'm at a good weight but will I ever really be happy with my weight? I am at a weight now that I can hold without any trouble, or work. I eat what I want and exercise almost every day. Now that I'm teaching yoga exercise is not a problem. My eating is, however, terrible. If Richard knew he would have a field day with me. I am going to set an intention to be more mindful of my food. I will pay more attention not only to what I eat but to what I eat when I am eating it. I remember a few years back when Laura, Beth, Vennie and I were the "Fab Four" (not anymore, long story) I talked about yogic eating. Slowing down while eating and really noticing the tastes and textures of the food. I am going to do that this year and I am going to start today. I am not going to wait until "next year".

Another intention that concerns food is that I intend to cook more at home. We spend way too much money on eating out and not only does it cost lots of money but it's full of salt and totally bad for you. I was recently at Bob's office and he said that if my blood pressure doesn't go down he is going to increase my blood pressure meds. Salt is one of the reasons for my higher blood pressure. Salt is found in restaurant food. I am going to try to cook outside the box and make some new recipes that don't include salt. I really don't want my health to be effected by my eating.

Speaking of health I intend to incorporate a little more exercise into my life. I ordered Bob Harper's DVD's that were on sale which I'm hoping will help. I walked 4 miles yesterday at the track and I am going to go back to some weight training. Three times a week should be sufficient however every day would be better. I want to get back to the track more often and maybe some pilates to flatten the stomach too.

I intend to save money. I need to save money so that we can go to Glacier National Park for Kerry's wedding in August. She is getting married on Irv's birthday, August 11. Pat and I are going to buy a new car (finally) and take a really long road trip. Kerry bought us a tent for Christmas and I have the camper's stove so just an air mattress and we are ready to go. I want to have a lot of money to spend on this trip. I need to be more mindful about my spendable cash if I want to attend my daughter's wedding without any money worries.

I still have some time before the new year comes but I think this is a good start for my intentions. I guess the goals will have to wait. :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving with the new In Laws

Kerry told me that Frank's parents were going to go to a buffet for Thanksgiving so I offered up an invitation to them for Thanksgiving dinner. I really didn't think that they would come but they did and it turned out to be a wonderful first Thanksgiving dinner for all of us together.

I was totally stressed that there wouldn't be enough food but I was totally wrong. We had turkey for the meat eaters, Tofurky for Kerry and me and enough sides to kill a horse. We also had Kerry's favorite Boston Cream Pie that said Happy Birthday Peewee because besides Thanksgiving it was also Kerry's 25th birthday. Cousin Stevie brought an apple pie, Jon brought flowers and Frank's parents, Ron and Joanne, brought a gorgeous edible arrangements fruit thing, and wine. Yep, we had it all. We all ate too much food and sang happy birthday to Kerry.

When dinner was over Pat and Ron sat at the table talking while Joanne, Kerry, Frank and I rolled around in the yoga room. Frank and I did headstands and then we all just talked. It was really fun. I like Joanne very much. She is very open and friendly. It's quite a difference from Mike's parents who always felt that we were from the wrong side of the tracks. I think Joanne and I will be friends. I'm happy about that.

I was very happy to open our little house to Frank and his parents. They are really nice and they seem to love Kerry. I felt good being the one to bring the new extended family together. We need to get used to it. Kerry and Frank will be married in August and like it or not we will all be one big happy family. You know what? I like it. :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kerry's getting married, a new car and life rocks

It has been a really long time since I have posted here on my, kind of, life story. I don't really know why but I'm back and it feels good.

So much has happened since my last post. Kerry came home twice. Once to buy a brand new white Kia Soul. Her life is taking off. She is doing so well and I am more than proud. I love her so much and she never fails to make me the proudest mom on the face of the earth. She also came home to pick up the car and drive it home with Frank. She bought it at Coral Springs Kia and I, of course, negotiated a great price for a perfect car for her. I think it would be a great car for Pat but as long as he wants to drive "the son of sweatmobile" he is free to do so. I also love the no car payment aspect of the SOS. :)

More importantly Kerry and Frank have decided to get married. Both Pat and I are very happy about this latest development. They seem perfect for each other. They are both travel bugs as well as biologists. They are also both only children. It's a perfect match. The plan is for them to be married at Glacier National Park on August 18, 2010. We are waiting for the approval from Glacier. It is a gorgeous place for a glorious event.

My yoga teaching has been really great. Juliana went away and I got to teach 3 out of 4 Juliana's home classes per week for 6 weeks. My teaching really grew leaps and bounds. I also subbed for Juli and Joy at The Yoga Source. Classes in general are very sparce. Many students go away on vacation. I've picked up a lady from the Yoga Source for my home classes occasionally and I have also taken on an older gentleman who has requested 3 privates per week. We are doing very well and he finally has started to let go a little bit. It turns out Pat knows him from the pool tournament world. One Sandy also likes her privates and I need to call her and let her know that I am back from my trip which I will blog about another time. I love my classes but I would really like to teach more.

I have my private with Juliana tomorrow. I will be blessed. :) :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Dental Issues

I went to Dr Spector's office for a check up today and Katrina found a pocket in my gums that was very large. She did an x-ray and I was told that the tooth is not good. It looks like my choices are going to be a dental implant that costs $3200 and is not covered by insurance or an apicoectomy which is one of the most painful dental procedures out there. I know this because I have had two of them. I got a black eye with both of them and was down for two weeks.

I am very scared right now. I'm not sure which is worse. The apico is extremely painful and expensive but my dental insurance will help out the the cost of that. The implant is not as bad as far as pain is concerned (I am told) but it is not covered by insurance. I am also having some pain in my lower left area that Dr Spector says is from the scaling that we recently did but I have my doubts about that. I'm hoping that the pain will go away. It seems to be getting worse.

If I have an apico I'll have to sub out my Sunday class because as I remember Dr Flax only does big operations on Fridays and there is no way I'll be able to teach on Sunday. I really don't want to have to do that. I am developing a following with that class and I don't want to lose it but there really is nothing that I can do about it.

I guess I should just wait until my appointment with Dr Flax on Friday and see what is said. Whatever it is it is and there is nothing I can do about it. I have to accept whatever happens and not freak out. Freaking won't do me any good. I need to follow my own advice and live in the present moment.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Back to 155.5

The scale was not my friend this morning. It read 155.5. On second thought maybe the scale was my friend by telling me the truth. A real friend tells you the truth no matter what even if you don't like what you are hearing and I don't like it at all.

It's not as if I didn't know. I know my eating has been out of control lately. I don't know why. I'm not upset by anything new. I mean, I miss Kerry but I always miss her. She did tell me that she would be spending her spring break with Frank in Gainesville and not be coming home at all but I know that's what makes her happy. It's what I want for her. I want her to be happy. I have my new yoga studio up and running. I love it and so do the students. I am teaching two fantastic classes at The Yoga Source and they are growing every week.

I also know that I have not been getting any exercise besides yoga. It's really all I do. I need to get some kind of cardio back in my life. Although I have been walking with Michele a few times a week we are not really walking very fast and it's not really much of a challenge for me. I've given up weights completely. I absolutely need to get back on track with my exercise because as the exercise goes so goes the eating.

So today is a new day. I am going to Juliana's yoga class at the Source and then when I get home I am going to do some cardio. It's cool out today so I could actually bring my sneakers with me and stop at the track on the way home or I could do a richard video in the yoga room. I don't have a TV in there anymore so I'd have to put it on my laptop but that's ok.

It's all about calories in and calories out and I know that. My calories in has been way more than my calories out. Get a grip, Claudia. It's what you need to do for your health and that's all that matters. I need to be healthy for Pat and Kerry and for me and my own peace of mind.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm a yoga teacher!!!

I taught my second class at the Yoga Source this morning. How thrilled was I when I saw a bunch of people in my room waiting to take my class? Lisa from last week was there with her friend Gail who works at the front desk on Wednesday and then 4 ladies that I didn't know!!! Yay!!! I had 6 students and I really felt in the groove. I was really feeling my class. I still need to improve though. I forgot to invert and I forgot fish pose. On the other hand I went and got bolsters from the Hatha room and started them lying on them. It was really cool. Then we did some seated postures and then I brought them up to standing and we did some half sun salutation. Then we did triangle, both sides of course and then we went into wide legged utanasana, to the right, to the left, spider and then my favorite squat down and come up and finally down forward bends, twists and savanasana with Lavander oils. It totally rocked. :) :)

The salon went well. It was just Erin with a bad back and Tim so I took it really easy with them but it turns out that the half sun salutations helped Erin with her back along with half moon. Yay. Go me!!! I am pretty awesome. Yep, pretty awesome.

I have jury duty tomorrow. I hope they don't want me. I sure as hell don't want them!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

My letter to Richard

Hey Baby, :)

How are you? I saw you on TV and once again you looked very svelte and fabulous which is always wonderful to see. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday with Lenny and Cathy. The new year looking very bright for both of us. Ok, so you have a new TV show coming which is way cooler than what I have going but my stuff is pretty cool too. :)

Cool thing number one is....As you know I became certified by the Yoga Alliance and I have been teaching my own classes in a small studio that I share with a friend. I have also been subbing for some of the finest yoga teachers in this area at the premier studio, The Yoga Source. It is not easy to break into this studio. They are very picky about who they allow to teach there and just being on the sub list is a huge accomplishment. Well, guess who got offered her own gentle yoga class at 9:00 every Sunday morning? Yep, Me!!!!! They got great feedback from the students who were in class when I was subbing and it seems that they were looking for someone just like me for this early morning slot. I think they are looking to attract some of the more mature (did you like the way I phrased that?) ladies who might be intimidated by the younger teachers. They said that they loved my positive attitude, my energy and style of teaching. Last Sunday was my first class and it was a fabulous experience. I'm sure it's going to take a while before the word gets out but I'm teaching at The Yoga Source and I am more than thrilled about it. I got to meet all the other teachers at the Christmas party and I've also scored a few more subbing gigs. As a matter of fact I'm subbing today. Yay.

Cool thing number two is....I got on the scale this morning and it said 149.5. This is the first time I have been in the 140's in about 3 years or more and I feel great about that too. I've been much more active lately and I've also been watching my portions more. Yes, I've always known thats the way to do it but actually doing it was the hard part (as you know). I am very proud of both of this. I even went hiking in the Everglades yesterday. Wow! Go me! :)

In December I started thinking about making my New Years Resolutions and I was really apprehensive about it. I know you are a fan of them but I've always had trouble keeping the resolutions that I have made in the past. In a wild, crazy moment I said to myself that teaching my own classes at the Yoga Source was going to be one of my resolutions for the new year never really thinking that it would ever happen. I did it last Sunday, January 2. Resolution 1..check! I also made a resolution to see 14anything even 149.5 on the scale again. This morning I saw 149.5. It's January 6. Resolution 2..check! The last resolution that I made is that I am going to come to LA to spend some good time with Laura and come to see you for my yearly visit. That one may take a little while longer because of money issues but I'm going to do that too. :)

I just wanted you to know what is going on with me. I'm very proud of myself and I'm thinking 2011 is going to be an awesome year for both you and me. :)

I love you so much.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years Day

I am feeling pretty good today. I'm a little nervous about my class at The Source but nothing too terrible. I'm sure once I get started I'll be fine. I really need to look my crowd over and teach what they will want. They are coming to a gentle yoga class so I guess I should give then just that. Gentle. OK, we'll do pranayama on our backs and warm up there. Then I will bring them to seated. Maybe some eagle arms with circling and sweeping, half moons, maybe some twists too. Then up to hands and knees, balance, knee to chest, cat, cows, maybe some child to table with arm sweeping, and then up to standing, half sun salutes, half moons and some triangles. If I have time some forward bends and twists and to the back for relaxation. It sounds like a good class to me. I know Ruth will be there and Wendi said that she would be there too. I'm secretly hoping for a big turnout. :)

The front reception area at The Yoga Source

I lifted weights today while watching the Gators play Penn State in the Outback Bowl. I'm not feeling real good about this. I'm hoping that next year will be better with the new coach. At least I have the Irish (how ironic is that?) LOL

Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old and in with the new

It's New Years Eve 2010. Another year that just flew by. It's like Ma said. "You turn around once and you're 65". Well, next month I will turn around and be 59. Holy cow! How did that happen?

2010 was a wonderful year. I did my Yoga Teacher Training with Juliana even helping her with all of the paperwork. The training was scary but fantastic. I taught my first class subbing for Juliana when she went out of town. It grew from there. I started my own classes at Etro Salon with Courtney and I have regulars that come almost every week. Then Joy asked me to sub at the Yoga Source and then I was put on the sub list. After subbing for Joy again I was offered a gentle yoga class on Sundays at 9. It was a great yoga year for me. The best ever.

I'm starting my new yoga class at the Yoga Source and I am extremely excited about it. I will be teaching in the Kundilini room which is where the christmas party was. I love it in that room. It's carpeted and it is warm. I am going to TRY not to sweat the turnout. It is what it is. I just hope that enough students are interested in a gentle yoga class on Sundays so that I can keep the class forever. :)

I've decided to make 2011 a great year. I went to the track this morning for the first time in a long time. I walked 3 miles and it was really wonderful. The weather was and sunny. Just perfect. I felt really great when I finished. I set my towel down and did some yoga stretches. Some forward bends and twists and of course, downward facing dog. It felt great.

The best part came after I got home. I got undressed and hopped on the scale and it said 149. I couldn't believe it so I jumped off it, took a breath and got back on. It said 151.5 the 3 other times I got on but at least I got to see 149 on the scale again even if is a false 149. I know my scale and it does that but I have always have made the low weight that it gives me so it's only a matter of time now.

I must be diligent about my exercise. I must start going to the track on a regular basis like I used to do. I know I won't be able to get there on Sundays because I'll have to be at the Yoga Source at 8:45 or so but all the other days are good. I am going to be realistic. I also go to Joy at 9:00 on Wednesdays so I won't make the track that day either so what does this mean?

I really hate New Years Resolutions and so I'm not going to make one here but I am going to say that I am going to go forward into 2011 and be as healthy as I can be. I will exercise and eat right most of the time and this is the year that I will see the 140's on my scale again. I'm sure of that.

If I was going to make a resolution I would have said to get a class a the Yoga Souce and I've already done that and it's still 2010! It's gonna be a great year. :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

150 or 140 1/2

I am very proud of myself. Yes, I am. I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 150. That means that if I can manage to lose 1/2 of 1 pound I will have achieved an important goal that I have been chasing for a few years. Someday I will weigh less that 150 pounds. That's the goal and I'm so close that I can taste it.

HOWEVER....does it really matter? I mean isn't 150 pounds basically the same as 149 1/2 pounds (which would be below 150). I think it is but then again it isn't. When I weigh in at 150 I think it is same but when I finally make it to 149 1/2 I will think that there is a huge difference between those two numbers. Very interesting!!!

Anyway, whatever! I am really close and I am going for it. I've been really eating well lately. I've also been doing yoga almost every day. I taught Saturday for Juliana at the Yoga Source, Sunday at the Salon,and Monday at Juliana's studio. The rest of my week has lots of yoga in it as well. I really need to start more cardio but I'm feeling well and looking great or at least that's what people have been telling me. :)

So it's all in place. Now I just have to continue down the right path. :)

Monday, November 29, 2010

Getting Paul

While Kerry was home we went to Towne Center Mall in Boca Raton and it was great. Kerry wanted to go back to the Apple store and return an Ipad case that she had bought so I stood in line waiting to get in gazing at the 6 foot cardboard image of Paul in the late 60's drooling. It occurred to me that this store was probably going to throw that fabulous Paul in the garbage. I realized my reason for being in that store at that time.

As we left the store I found Mark and asked him if I could have that picture of Paul. He grabbed his manager Matt and introduced us as "his favorite customers". Kerry jumped in telling him how many Apple products she had and how she just bought her new Ipad the other day. Then Mark said "she really is a huge fan. She has Paul McCartney's driver's license with her". Matt whipped around and said to me "lets see it". I dug into my pocketbook and handed him Paul McCartney's drivers license and smiled. "Can I have it? PLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!! He asked for a business card which I whipped out at record speed. He said that yes I could have it after it comes down around December 13. Yay me!!!

I'm not exactly sure where I'm going to put Paul but I'll have him in about two weeks. It's a perfect Christmas present for me!!! :) :)

It's a Mom Thing-Kerry's Birthday

I have to wake the kid up in a few minutes. We have to get to the airport on time for her to catch her flight back to Notre Dame. Crap!!!! She's leaving again. Just when I get really used to having her around she leaves again. I hate it!

It was a great Thanksgiving/Kerry's birthday visit. I picked her up at the airport last Wednesday and her boyfriend, Frank came over within an hour of her landing. They seem extremely happy together and he is a very nice guy. Pat and I were able to get to know him a little better this trip and we like him very much. I'm all about Kerry's happiness. If she's happy then I am too. It's hard for her to be living so far away from him. He's finishing up his PhD at UF in Florida while she is working on her PhD at Notre Dame in Indiana.

Kerry and Frank

Jon and Cousin Stevie came over for Thanksgiving dinner and we ate way more than we should have. Kerry wanted Frank to meet the family and I think it went well. I made Kerry's holiday favorite Tofurky. Dinner was served early so the kids could pack up and go to Frank's parents house for their second dinner. His parents live about an hour north of us so Kerry and Frank stayed there on Thanksgiving night.

Black Friday came and Kerry and I went shopping. So what else is new? :) I should have known that she was plotting a purchase but I was in my own world and I didn't pick up on it. Unfortunately while we were in the mall Kerry got a really bad migraine but refused to leave the mall. We went out to my car which has very dark tinted windows and she closed her eyes for a while and started to feel better so we went back into the mall. That was when I realized that she was on a mission.

After lots of pouting and making me feel guilty because it was her birthday and I only got her earrings (yep, only) she squeezed me for an Ipad. She said she would split the cost with me but I know I will never see that money. It didn't matter because she was so happy with her new acquisition that nothing else mattered...even the migraine. Amazingly it went away. :)

Frank met us back at the house and they hung out with her old boyfriend and friend Scott who I call Nerdly. LOL. He came by and it was great to see him. Just like the old days. Pat and I hit the sack early because I was whipped and the kids went to see Harry Potter.

Frank left to go back to UF on Sunday morning and Kerry was very upset knowing she would not be seeing him for a while. With tears being shed at the thought of being without Frank she looked up at me all pathetic and said "Do you want to go to the mall?" LOL. Needless to say we went to the mall.

It's amazing how easy it is to fall back into the old patterns. I do realize that she is no longer "a kid" but now I get what my mom was trying to tell me when I was Kerry's age. She used to say " You can't just stop. It's the "Mom thing". Now I understand what she was trying to tell me because now it's my "Mom thing".

Friday, November 19, 2010

A Good Exercise Day

Early this morning I was sitting on my butt in front of my laptop computer and I came across a video clip of none other than my bud Richard Simmons. He was talking about losing weight over the holidays instead of gaining weight. He was talking about portion control, exercise and loving yourself. It was good to see him and I knew what he was saying was true so I got off my butt, got into my walking clothes and went to the track. I had forgotten what a peaceful and special place it is.

I plugged in my Ipod (Paul, of course) and took off for a three mile walk. It felt really good to be there. I think I could have gone more if I wasn't wearing brand new sneakers that need to be broken in. I developed a blister on the back of my right foot but other than that I felt good. I even cooled down with some yoga on my towel. I'm thinking of offering a free yoga class at the park to drum up some business. A little Karma yoga is good for the soul. :) :)

A good exercise day!! Go me!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thoughts on the upcoming holidays

I've been feeling good lately although I know some stressful times are coming. Thanksgiving is a stressful time for me as it's always at my house. I am so glad that Kerry is coming home for the holiday this year. Last year Pat and I packed up Rigby and went up to Gainesville to spend Thanksgiving up there with Kerry up at UF. We cooked Thanksgiving dinner for the 4 of us (Rigby included) and then went to the UF/FSU game. We had such a great time and it was good to get away from the stress of having Thanksgiving dinner at my house.

Kerry will be arriving on her birthday Wednesday in the morning and then Frank will be coming in later on in the day. They are planning to spend the holiday split between us and Frank's parents who live about an hour away. I don't mind sharing. I'm just happy to have them here. Jon and Cousin Stevie will be coming over for dinner and to meet Frank. It'll be Turkey for the carnivores, Tofurkey for the vegetarians and birthday cake for everyone. :)

Frank and Kerry

Kerry is going to spend Friday with me. We will be going shopping!!!!! Yay!!!!! It's been way too long since we have combed the malls for bargains. I'm sure we will be getting a very early start. There is nothing better in the whole world then Black Friday with the kid. :)

On Saturday we will be going to an engagement party in the morning and then I'm sure she will want to spend time with Frank before he goes back to Gainesville on Sunday. Kerry is flying out on Monday but she will be back in a few weeks to spend some more time with us during her winter break from Notre Dame.

The Grotto at Notre Dame

The three of us at Notre Dame Football Stadium

The golden dome at Notre Dame
I miss her. I can't help it. I just miss her and I'm so looking forward to spending some time with her.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Yoga Journal Conference 2010

Last Saturday Ruth and I went to the Yoga Journal Conference at the Diplomat Hotel in Hallendale Beach and it was truly a wonderful time. I am feeling sore now but I am so glad that I went. If I didn't have Ruth I never would have gone. Never in a million years. I am very lucky to have such a good friend to share all things yoga with.

Ruth and I so happy to be at the conference

Ruth picked me up at 5:45 am and we set off on our adventure. When we arrived at the hotel I was totally blown away by the beauty of the Westin Diplomat. We walked around for a while checking the place out and scouting out the room where our first class was going to be. Then we to the Cafe and had some coffee in this gorgeous hotel.

Arriving at the hotel

Hips and Twists with Rodney Yee was going to be our first class and we were extremely excited about it. We were the first ones to put our mats down and we made sure we had a good spot. I have been doing Rodney's DVDs for years and I was sooo psyched not only to see him in person but to take class with him. All of a sudden the door opened and there he was. The famous and fabulous Rodney Yee sat on the stage in front of us with his wife Colleen Saidman Yee.

Ruth waiting for Rodney Yee

I was waiting for Rodney too!!!

Rodney and Colleen

We worked hard in the two hour class that focused on hip opening and twisting. Rodney and Colleen took turns teaching and adjusting students in poses. When they brought us into downward facing dog with a twist Rodney came over and grabbed my extended let and helped me go further into the twist. I felt like I was just touched by......well....the Yoga God. LOL I was surprised by how down to earth and friendly he was. He taught us with a sense of purpose but also a sense of humor. It was an honor to be in the in same room with this amazing teacher.

Rodney in Side Angle

When class was over we met him and Colleen and he was nice enough to sit and pose for picture with both Ruth and myself. Both he and Colleen were very friendly. Ruthie and I were like groupies. LOL It was the perfect beginning to a wonderful day.

Rodney with my hand on his knee. Yeah, I had to touch him. :)

Rodney and Ruth
After taking pictures we ran to our second class which was a fun class about unstacking or decomposing postures. The teacher was Cindi Lee and she really taught us a lot about starting in simple poses and working up to more difficult postures. It really gave me food for thought.

Then it was time for lunch and shopping!!! We had so much fun walking around the yoga marketplace buying new shirts, mugs and of course, a shirt for Ruth's granddaughter, Emily. I managed to spend all the money I had allocated to this shopping spree. It wasn't hard to do. :)
We had an hour or so to relax and hang out so we walked around and went out to the pool area to find a place to sit and regroup. The weather was beautiful as was the pool at the hotel.

Ruth and I by the pool

We were pretty tired by this time but we managed to find a way to have fun and laugh. Boy, did we laugh.

Gangsta Yoginis

Our last class turned out to be a bit of a surprise. We thought we would be taking a class on how to teach beginner students but it turned out to be a beginner student class. We had a totally fun time in this class just being together. There was a lot more laughter in this class.

Then it was time to go home. We were both very tired but so happy we had gone to this conference. It was a time that neither one of us will ever forget.

Waiting for the car

I don't know about you Ruth but I am looking forward to next year's conference. If it is half as much fun and inspiring as this was it will be fantastic. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Where Does Self Confidence Come From?

It's the question of the day for me. Where does self confidence come from? Why don't I have any? Like today, for example. I am teaching at Juliana's which is always a wonderful experience. The students are always very complimentary when class is over. I've never heard one bad thing about my teaching but right now I'm sitting here nervous about teaching. Why don't I ever believe my own good press?

After class today, my best yoga bud in the entire world, Ruth is taking me over to LA Fitness to talk to the person who hires the yoga teachers for all the clubs in this area. I am totally nervous about this meeting. Now, not only am I a Registered Yoga Teacher certified by the Yoga Alliance and CPR certified but I also worked at Curves for a year and a half. I've lost 95 pounds in my life. I'M FRIENDS WITH RICHARD SIMMONS!!!! It seems to me that I would be a great fit for them but still I am nervous. What if they don't like me? What if they do like me? The idea of walking up in front of 30 or 40 people and teaching is making me sick to my stomach. Why am I even doing this? Yeah, I need to find my self confidence. Where is it?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our Anniversary-Today or Tomorrow?

Ok, well there has been quite a lot of drama around me lately but I am happy to say that I have managed to come out the other side with my most important relationships intact. I am happy and peaceful again. It's how I need to be.

Today is a my 34th anniversary. Yep! I've been married to Pat for 34 years now. To top that off we had been together for 7 years before we got married. If you add it all up we have been together 41 years. Man, that's a long time.

I remember the day I got married. I remember thinking that it was funny that I woke up in the morning and said "See ya at the wedding". There was no-oh, don't see the bride before the wedding. It's bad luck-crap. That's pretty much how our marriage has been. Very laid back and very happy. Of course there have been some tough times but not many looking at the whole picture.

Even after all these years, I never know when we are going to turn off the lights to go to sleep and have something strike us really funny. It happened last night. My sides were hurting laughing over someone's last name on the PGA tour. It was Afabarnrat, which struck us hilarious sounding like half a barn rat. I know it's stupid but it's just the way it was. I was crying from laughter. He makes me very happy.

Pat and happy me

Scotty, Stevie's son, got married today in Chicago. Kerry was supposed to go but she got the first case of the swine flu at Notre Dame. I guess God struck her down with the Swine Flu for being the only Jewish student there. :) I'm glad that I got to speak to Scotty today and wish him well. It's a good luck day.
Kerry and Scotty
I miss Kerry very much today. She was the perfect addition to our family when she came. She ended up growing up with with Pat's and my sense of humor. I have so many wonderful memories of her growing up here, with me. Now, she's all grown up and living her own life at Notre Dame. I'm so proud of her but so sad that she is so far away. How did she grow up so fast? Where did the time go?

My baby Kerry

I was very happy to teach my Saturday yoga class today at Etro Salon. It was a small class with only two people but they seemed very happy when they left. Pat's nephew Johnny and his girlfriend Sherry are in town and we will be having dinner at Pat's favorite restaurant, Tijuana Flats. Not the most romantic day or evening but Pat has to work early tomorrow anyway. I think we will just make believe that our anniversary is really tomorrow. :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Things are looking up!!

I am feeling much better than I was when I wrote the August 31 post. I have stopped the "self destructive behavior" that I wrote about and I am very proud of myself. I'm still being challenged in other parts of life but I can say that I have stopped the aforementioned behavior and I feel VERY good about that. Yay! Go me!!!

We just got back from visiting Kerry at Notre Dame and what a wonderful time we had. We are so proud of her. She has found the group of people she is comfortable with and has also found a lab that she loves. Her new advisor is friends with her UF mentors and seems to love her. He is sending her to EUROPE to collect samples. EUROPE!!! We are hoping that I can save enough money to meet her in England and finally get to go to Paul's house, stand outside and cry. LOL. Yes, we are so proud of her but also in awe of her. I am sure she is going to change the world. She has already changed mine.

The Notre Dame football game that we went to was so much fun. We won. Well, the Irish won, the Gators lost and we had to sit in a sports bar with drunken LSU fans in order to see the game. It was a heart breaker.

The leaves on the trees were changing with so many gorgeous colors. Orange, yellow, red, green and brown. The campus trees were exploding with different colors. It really is a gorgeous campus. It's like going to school in a museum. I miss fall. I guess I miss it because it was so beautiful but the temperatures were in the 80's. It's probably harder to deal with when the cold sets in. I think I may go up during WINTER for a weekend. You know, just a quickie.

Now I'm getting ready for my trip to LA. I leave on Wednesday for Laura's wedding reception. I am staying at her new house and I am so looking forward to this. I always love my trips to LA. We are going to go to 2 of Richard's classes (oy vey), a yoga class and help with Laura's reception. Beth and Ang are also going to be staying with Laura. Such fun. I can't wait.

So as you can see, things are looking up. Yay!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A heart to heart to me from.... me

I feel like I need to write but I don't really want my life out there on the internet. I have do you say it........engaging in self destructive behavior lately and it gotten worst this week. The sad part about this is that this time, for a change, I'm not talking about eating. I am eating too much and not exercising enough but that's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about other stuff that I am not going to put out there for all eyes to see. I used to spill my guts on Richard but I don't really go there anymore. Laura is quiting and I think I may too. It's been a long time since I posted there and I don't even go to chat anymore. I can't put this stuff on my yoga blog. I'm actually hoping that this post is not read by anyone. This really is a post to myself.

Listen up, Claudia. You need to get a grip on yourself. You are going down the tubes quietly and slowly. I realize you can't talk to anyone about it so here is the truth for you read, take in and act upon it.

No more self destructive behavior. You know what that is. You are not only hurting you. You are hurting Pat and Kerry too and you are damned lucky to have them. If you continue the way you have been going you won't be damned lucky and you won't have them. That's why you aren't talking about it. You are embarrassed and you know that you are wrong. So..... don't throw your life away and STOP THE BULLSHIT!!!

You have got to get back to working out!!! The track!!! Tommorrow!!! How long has it been? Months? Easily months. How about years since you used to go to the track no matter what? Remember that? It didn't matter if it was cold or raining or hot and sweaty. You matter what. Where is that person? Not here, that's for sure. Your eating sucks too. I mean really sucks. The scale did you a favor today at 155.5. You are lucky that it's not 255.5.

You need to get a grip. If you don't you will go down with nothing. No family, no health, no yoga teaching, no nothing.

I love you. I wouldn't bother if I didn't. You could be so happy with just a minimum of trouble. You just need to muster up some will power. This is all powerful stuff but so are you and you can do it. Look at all you have to work with. Say it with me! "I can do it". Now doesn't that feel better?

Friday, July 2, 2010

Claudia's Yoga-My new yoga blog

I decided to start a blog dedicated just to my yoga life. I wanted to have a website that people could check schedules or see what's happening with my teaching. I'm planning on posting about all things yoga. Where I'm teaching, how to do certain asanas (poses), tips on meditation and just all things yoga. The addy is I have it linked on the side of this blog so please check me out and click on the follow button. I'll try to make it interesting for everyone. :)


I'll still be posting here too. Wow! Two blogs...I didn't realize I had that much to say. :) :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yoga Teacher Training.

What an experience!! Yoga teacher training was more amazing than I ever could imagine. It started in March and we graduated last saturday night. I am very sad that it is over. We all learned so much from Juliana. We covered every subject you could possibly think of. We spent a lot of time on yoga philosophy, we covered swamis, asana, pranayama, mudras, bandahs, tratica, chair yoga, teaching technique as well as too many other things to mention.

When it first began I was very upset because I really thought that I would not be able to do it. We started every session with a class that was much stronger than the classes I had been taking. I remember crying to Ruth (my very best yoga bud) that I wanted to quit because I felt it was too hard. I was wrong. In the end my practice got so much stronger and not only did I finish the training I kicked it's ass. :)

I must say I am very proud of myself. I set this goal a long time ago and when I did that it was really more of a dream then a goal. There was a time there that I thought it wasn't even going to happen. I really had to work hard to get all the paperwork that was required by the Yoga Alliance in order for Juliana. I promised her that I would help her get everything that was needed by her school filled out and sent in because I knew if I didn't do it, it wouldn't happen. I was right. I did it and it happened. Now my dream has come true and I am a yoga teacher. Even Richard Simmons is proud of me. He said so in a really sweet email to me. Yep I am proud.

I taught class at Vatsu Yoga last Friday and I will be teaching at Juliana's studio when she goes on vacation. Joy also asked me to sub for her at the Yoga Source when she goes on vacation in August. Things are happening. Just not fast enough for me. :)

I have been also offering up very inexpensive or free privates on Facebook just to get started. I'm hoping Debbie Wolff will ask me to sub at her studio too. I need to get myself a weekly gig. That's the next thing to do.

Wish me luck. Namaste!!

Friday, April 16, 2010

My Happiness Journal

Keeping a happiness journal is a wonderful way to catalog the happiness unfolding all around us so that joy has myriad opportunities to manifest itself in our lives. Writing about the emotions we experience while contemplating joy may give us insight into the factors compelling us to resist it. Namaste♥

This was Juliana's Facebook status a while back and I'm thinking that it's a great idea. When life throws us a curve ball it's good to be able to look back on things that make us happy. I am lucky. I have many.

Kerry got into PhD program at Notre Dame-Now this one is interesting. Just the word Kerry makes me happy. All I have to do is think of her and a smile comes on my face. So many things make me smile about her. Memories of her playing soccer, as a baby in Fuddruckers, "Daaaie, I have to talk to you", clarinet performances, sitting at the table laughing with her and Pat, her high school graduation, spending Thanksgiving with her up at UF and going to Tim Tebow's last home game, taking her to see Paul with the second time a highlight of my life, the Dalia Lama, Coldplay, Hansen (twice)....just so many things make me joyous and happy. I could not have asked for a better experience as a mom. Kerry is the best kid EVER. Now she is going off to the University of Notre Dame. I am so proud of her I could just bust however I'm very nervous about her being so far away. I know she will become a fantastic biological scientist and save the world but I will worry day and night. I can't help it. It's just me but this is about joy and Kerry makes me feel that.

Pat-Another word that brings a smile to my face and is filled with memories. Over 40 years of memories. We were just kids when we got together. I was 17. I am now 58. That's a long time and years of great memories. Things like "no picks", "Flizbata", naked golf, the three of us lying in bed making 3 stooges noises, our trips to Vegas, hump day....just so many things that they are too numerous to write down. He has been a fantastic husband and partner to me. He supports me in everything that I do or say. I can count on him NO MATTER WHAT!! We were so different but we are so together. I guess it just shows you that you can be together for many, many years and still be happy. Pat makes me happy.

Pets-1) Mac. Oh my Mac. I loved him so much and I still do and even though he is gone now I still feel happy when I think of him. I would be sitting on the bed and he would jump up, walk on me, hold me down and lick my face until I screamed. He kept me company after hurricane Wilma hit us and Pat had to leave and go to work, he always made me feel safe because I knew he would rip up anyone who messed with me. He was the love of my doggie life and I suppose I will always chase him ie look for him in other pets. He loved me. He was MY dog.

2) Rigby- My Mac replacement. OK, maybe not so much as he is his own dog with his own personality. He loves me too. I call him my "Pea" which is short for Sweetpea because he is such a sweet dog. He is different from Mac but looks almost the same. He reminds me of Kerry sometimes too. The way he always has to bring around a toy is just like Kerry was when she was a kid. I love him madly but he is PAT'S dog. He loves me but he loves his dad. He's all about his dad. I'm lucky if I can get one little swipe of a tongue when Mac would given me a bath but I love my Pea too. His morning banana dance, his cocked head, the way he watches tv and has his favorite commercials. Very cool pet.

3) Jude-He is a great cat and he is totally in love with me. He comes up and lays on my lap while I am on the computer and messes with the mouse so I can't really write much. He's always under the bed covers when he is cold and we call him the Edward G Robinson of cats because of his meow.He hates it when Kerry comes and brings Elly. He spits and growls and then has it out with the paper towels in the middle of the night. It's funny really. He is orange and looks like Simba. He's a cool guy and I love him.

Then there are my friends old and new. Michele, Ruth, Laura, Beth, Wendi, Sandy just to name a few. I am very lucky to have found these ladies who are from all over the country. They are all great friends and I love them all. I have had great times with them all. I am lucky to have them.

My yoga practice makes me happy and how lucky am I to have found Juliana, my spiritual mentor? She has had the most profound effect on my life making me a more grounded, mindful and nonjudgemental person. Now I am taking yoga teacher training from her and because of her. I owe her so much but she would say that I owe her nothing.

Paul. I have loved Paul McCartney since I was 12 years old. I saw him on February 9, 1964, fell in total love and never came back. He was 21 then. Now he is 67 and I am 58 and I am still totally in love. His music has been the score of my life from A Hard Day's Night all the way to Dance Tonight with over 30 albums of music inbetween. He has been the source of so much love and joy in my life that I couldn't thank him enough even if I could speak with him. I finally was able to see him upclose and personal a couple of weeks ago and I felt exactly the same way that I felt when I first saw him in person at Shea Stadium in 1966. Yep, I'll always love Paul.

So there are some of the things that I put in my happiness journal. As I read over this list I realize that the name of this blog is very true. Lucky Me!!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seeing Paul..My Dream Comes True..Part 2

After seeing Paul up close and personal Kerry and I had to run back to the Walmart to get the car. I was worried that it had been towed and I was really thrilled to see it in the parking lot when we got there. We went back into Walmart to get something to drink and I told everyone I saw that I had seen Paul. I told the people on line with us, I told the cashier, I told the air. All I could say was "I just saw Paul". It was hard to come down from the rush of the Paul encounter.

We grabbed the car and drove over to the stadium to listen to the sound check. It was so cool to be able to hear Paul playing with his band from outside the venue. I would have rather been inside but I didn't have the $2500 that I would have had to pay to get in. I was totally happy to sit in my car and hear him play. It was like getting two concerts for the price of one.

Now, a Paul McCartney concert is not complete without a trip to the tour merchandise stand. I'm fairly well known for spending up to $500 on shirts and other tour stuff but I had decided that I was only going to get one shirt for me and one shirt for Kerry. They had this really cute black tank with a flower and Paul's autograph that I had to have for yoga. It was the perfect item that joins my two obsessions. Paul and yoga. Then I saw this really cool yellow shirt that I also had to have along with the matching tote bag. Kerry picked out a really nice blue t-shirt. Although it was more than I wanted to spend it wasn't as bad as it has been at other shows. I got off under $150 which for me at a Paul concert is a pittance. We changed into our new Paul shirts in the car and waited to get in to check out the seats.

The gates into the stadium opened at 6:00 and after getting our field level wristbands we found our seats. Now I am a total Paul seat snot and if I'm not in the first 10 rows I'm unhappy. We were in the 27th row so I was not thrilled with my seats but they weren't really all that bad. We sat around and waited for the show to start.

At 8:30 the band came on stage and there he was. My Paul looking as fantastic as ever. He opened with Venus and Mars/Rockshow which was a fantastic way to start the show. Even though I have seen him 10 times it was the first time I heard him do that song. The set list went as follows:
1.Venus And Mars / Rock Show
3.All My Loving
4.Letting Go
5.Got To Get You Into My Life
7.Let Me Roll It / Foxey Lady
8.The Long And Winding Road
9.Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
10.(I Want To) Come Home
11.My Love
12.I’m Looking Through You
13.Two Of Us
15.Here Today
16.Dance Tonight
17.Mrs Vandebilt
18.Eleanor Rigby
20.Sing The Changes
21.Band On The Run
22.Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
23.Back In The USSR
24.I’ve Got A Feeling
25.Paperback Writer
26.A Day In The Life / Give Peace A Chance
27.Let It Be
28.Live And Let Die
29.Hey Jude

30.Day Tripper
31.Lady Madonna
32.Get Back

Second Encore:
34.Helter Skelter
35.Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band / The End

This was a dream set list for me because there were quite a few songs that I hadn't heard him perform like Highway, Foxy Lady, Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five, Two Of Us, Dance Tonight, Mrs Vanderbuilt, Sing The Changes, Oh-Bla-Di Oh-Bla-Da (this was a total fan favorite), I Got A Feeling and A Day In The Life. Most of the other songs I've heard every time I've seen Paul. He feels that songs like The Long and Winding Road, Yesterday and Hey Jude are must perform songs and he always plays them. When I heard the beginning of Live and Let Die I turned to Kerry and said "Oh no, not again". OMG!! I was so wrong. It was beyond words. There were huge explosions and because it was an outside stadium they had the most fabulous fireworks I've ever seen at a show. It was amazing. I've added a youtube video of it below.

Kerry and I stood up for the entire concert which was 3 hours long and after standing up all day looking for Paul when the concert was over we were whipped. Totally and completely whipped but the best kind of whipped there is. Paul concert whipped. At the end of the show Paul stood at the mike and said his usual "see you next time". I hope there is a next time. Thanks Paul. I love you forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are a few of the youtube videos of the show for your enjoyment.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Seeing Paul...My Dream Comes True....Part One

I want to get all this down before I forget it. Yesterday was a most amazing day spent with the Kid and it never would have happened without her. That's for sure.

We left to get to Sun Life Stadium early. Really early. We were on the road by 2:00 knowing that the concert was scheduled to start at 8:00 with parking opening at 5:00. We got there at about 2:30 and were promptly sent away by the stadium staff. They told us to go and find something else to do for 2 1/2 hours. NOT!!!!

We had noticed that there was a Wal-Mart across the street from the stadium so we decided to go over there and dump off the car. There were threatening signs all over the parking lot saying that any stadium cars would be towed. Kerry said that we should park in the busy part of the lot, go into the store, buy something and them hike over to the stadium. I thought it was a great plan so that's what we did.

We had to slip into the stadium though a break in the fence and just started scoping out the place. There were some people there milling around all wearing VIP necklaces. I wanted to see Paul up close, arriving to the show. It's a dream of mine that has alluded me up to this point. Kerry decided that we were going to make that dream come true so that I wouldn't be "that guy from The Alchemist" always dreaming and never doing.

We came upon some people waiting at an area that looked really good for a Paul entry point. We hung around for a while talking to the people one of who was also named Claudia. She was from Brazil and seemed kind of young to be hanging around waiting for Paul but she seemed to be determined to see him and we thought that maybe she knew what she was doing.

As we were waiting we saw a cop who was just standing around. Kerry told me that she was not afraid to go up to people and talk to them so I sent her over to talk to the cop. I heard her say that it was her mom's dream to see Paul and was this the place that he was going to arrive. I walked up and pleaded with him for any info that he would give us. He smiled and told us that he was sure that Paul was NOT going to arrive at this spot. He said he thought that the spot to check out was between gates A and B. We thanked him and I told him that I hoped something really great would happen to him for helping us. Kerry told the other people what the cop had said but they said not to believe him and they were going to say where they were. Kerry and I looked at each other and decided that we liked the cop and we believed him so we took off to scope out gates A and B.

When we got there we met up with Kelley from the Macca-L list and some other people. One of the women named Joanne said that her friends had seen Paul enter at that very spot the day before so we were feeling pretty good about where we were. We noticed cop cars parked around and lots of event staff hanging around as well. These were signs that we were in the right spot.

Then this really cute young guy came out with a video camera. I sent Kerry on over to see if she could pump him for info. She did an excellent job. She said that he was Paul's video guy and he was 100 percent sure that Paul was coming in this way. I was ready. I actually offered Kerry to the guy for the weekend for an invite to the after party but I was only kidding ( I think). He video taped all of the fans that were standing there with special interest in me and Kerry. I wouldn't be surprised if I see her in the video that will be released.

All of a sudden we saw flashing lights and black SUVs coming our way. The cop car that had been parked blocking the area moved out of the way and the cars started down the street right in front of us. The window on our side rolled down and there was Paul hanging out of the window, waving and pointing. He looked right at me and pointed at me. They slowed the car down to a slow roll so I got to see him for about a full minute. He looked great wearing a blue stripped shirt. I finally had my wish come true. I got to see Paul up close and personal in a non concert setting and Kerry got a great picture of the whole thing. When it was over I grabbed her, hugged her and started crying. She said to me "you see Mom? You're not that guy anymore". That guy was the guy from the book The Alchemist who owned the crystal shop, had big dreams that never came true because he never did anything to make them come true. She was right. I was no longer that guy and it was all because of her.

We were actually closer that this picture indicates. My dream come true!

Part 2 next time.......

Friday, February 26, 2010

Paul's Coming-AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Here we go again. Paul's coming to Miami on April 3 and I have to be there. There is no way that I am not going to be there. Yeah, ticket prices are loony but over the last few tours I got used to paying gobs of money for decent seats. Now there's the operative word. Decent. Let the mania begin.

Paul playing Jet

Tickets go on sale on Sunday and because I'm a member of the fan club I get in on the presale. In the old days the fan club seats were fantastic. Sixth row center would be the usual and 20th row would have been considered crappy seats. Now I'm fighting with everyone on the internet. It's hard to get good seats these days.

I love the blue backdrop

Now I absolutely must keep my head about me. It's easy to accept lousy seats just to be there and pay hugs prices for them. If I had $1500 I would go for the VIP tickets where you get to get into the sound check but alas I don't have that much. Money is tight these days so that option is out. I must remember that when I log onto Ticketmaster that the first seats that are offered are not necessarily the best ones. I want floor seats and if I have to opt to wait until something goes on Ebay then that's what I must do. The last time I saw Paul, which was in Tampa, I got my seats on Ebay and they were GREAT. I had to pay $100 more than face value but the location was totally worth it. I must remember that when I am trying to score tickets on Sunday. Yeah, right. LOL

Paul from behind 1993

Now here is my other problem. When I found out Paul was coming I was so excited that I told Michele. She is my usual partner for these concerts with me paying for both seats but when I told Kerry about it she said that she would come home for the concert and wanted to go. I remember the last time I took Kerry to see Paul. We had floor seats and she had such a great time. It did my Beatlefan Mom's heart good to see her singing along to every word of every song. She even knew the words to C-Moon which a lot of fans don't know. I was proud. Of course, I'm going to take Kerry but I need a way to tell Michele. I guess I'll just tell her Kerry wants to go. She knows Kerry trumps her.

Paul on a cherry picker going over the audience

Paul and Robbie in 1993

The concert is going to be at Dolphin Stadium. I really wish Paul would go back to the smaller venues like Bank Atlantic Center where I saw him in 2002. I hate these huge stadium concerts. It's really hard to get close and you end up watching on the video screens which is like watching it on TV. However, it's better to do that then not be there. I am going to be there. It will be the 10th time I've seen Paul and may very well be the last. He is, after all, 67 years old and how much longer is he going to be touring. Knowing Paul, his roadies will have to wheel him out in a wheelchair when he's 90. I can only hope. I'm coming, Paulie.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Best Yoga Workshop EVER

I got up early this Sunday morning to go to Juliana's forward/backbend 3 hour workshop and I am so glad I did. There were 10 of us there so Juliana paired us up into 5 groups. My partner was Wendi who I've known for years. She is a fellow Coach freak as well as a yoga freak so we have lots in common. She turned out to be the perfect partner for me today.

Juliana had us sit back to back so that we could feel each other's warmth, breath and energy. Wendi did a forward bend as I did a backbend on her. Then I did a forward bend and she backbended on me. We spotted each other while doing alternating forward and backbends, triangle, tree and full forward and backbends. It was two and a half hours of Juliana teaching us how to spot our partners. In other words, she was teaching us to be yoga teachers. It was really wonderful. It made me really look forward to what is coming in March.

Full forward bend

We also did lots of work alone on our own mats. Hip openers, inversions, spinal twists and lots of down dogs. I really felt like it was the beginning of my teacher training. I think it was a dry run for Juliana's teacher training skills. She was fantastic. I can't wait to start up.

Downward facing dog

I worry about where I will teach once this is all over but the universe has a way of putting things in your path to make good things happen. I'm sure I will find a class to teach somewhere. I really feel that I can help beginners to start their practice and learn to love yoga as much as I do. Namaste!

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's been too long.

I was just fixing up Juliana's blog to reflect the teacher training that will be starting on March 19 and it made me realize that I have been neglectful of my own blog. It's amazing how quickly time passes. Here it is February 19 already. It really seems as if time is going faster as I get older. I remember my mom telling me "you turn around once and you are 65" and I see it's true. Well, almost true. I'm 58 not 65. :)

OK, let's see, what's been going on with me? Kerry came home to spend my birthday with me last month and it was the best present that I ever could have gotten. I am so in love with that child and I feel lucky every day to have her in my life. She has grown up into a wonderful, caring young woman and I couldn't be prouder of her.

Today she starts the interview process with the Masters program acceptance committee at UF. Her advisor, Charlie, has already made it very clear that she will be accepted into the program but she has to go through the process anyway. I think it will be pretty stress free for her. I would be thrilled if she decides to stay at UF.

Next week she goes to Notre Dame for her PhD interviews there. They want to meet her so badly that they paid for her airfare, hotel and food for the interview weekend. I know she is very excited about the prospect of starting her PhD at such a well known school but it's in South Bend, Indiana which is far away and VERY cold. I'm sure she will go there and knock their socks off. I'm still hoping for UF. I'm Mom. What can I say?

I start my yoga teacher training on March 19th and I am extremely excited about it. I finally will be learning to teach yoga from my guru, Juliana. Anyone who knows me knows about Juliana. She has changed me in a profound way. It's going to be about 4 months of learning about yoga philosphy, anatomy, asanas and teaching classes. I'm also thrilled that my very good yoga bud Ruth is doing it with me. I love Ruthie and it'll be nice to have her with me to study and practice with. I've started reading the required books and I am ready to go. I feel as if a new path is opening in my life and it's a very good thing.

I am also very excited about some upcoming things that I'm not ready to put in writing yet but I know about them and so do the people involved. I can't wait until March 24th.

Last month I decided to cut my hair really short. Now I know that this may not be a big deal to a lot of people but it was HUGE for me. I was upset about it until Pat came home the day I cut it and told me that he loved it. After that people started telling me that I looked 15 years younger and asked me if I lost weight. That was when I realized that I finally had the right haircut. LOL I will post some picture once Kerry brings my camera back from Gainesville.

As you can probably get from this blog entry, I am very happy and excited about life. I've got the most wonderful family and friends in the whole world. I am brimming over with joy. How lucky can one girl from Long Beach be? :)